How to set-up Funamo so it stays set up?

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I'm trying to set Funamo up on a Wiko Lenny 3 with Android 6.0


I've installed it along with Funamo safe-browser, followed the easy set-up instructions, pressed start Funamo and then press home or back. At this point the blue 'F' is still visible in the corner of the screen.


Problem is that as soon as I open a different app, including the Funamo browser, Funamo stops, the blue 'F' disappears and I'm able to open apps without a login that I shouldn't be able to open. When I login in to Funamo again, the 'Start Funamo' box has been unchecked. What's going on?


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Hmmm ... it seems, that the funamo daemon program crashes.

You can try to investigate a logfile, but it is a very techy way to investigate. It requires

  • adb
  • adb communication to WIKO device
  • logcat handling
  • logfile analysis


In case you have not dealt with these things before and have no idea how to get any hints about the howto of the listed things, it might be a too nerdy way.

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