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I bought yesterday the license of Funamo to use on my Android. I followed the steps that you sent me by email after the purchase, but I still can not activate the protection! I click on Account settings - Manually sync with server, but nothing happens! Site information does not sync with the app! How should I proceed?

This message appears when I click on "Sync with server"

ERROR: Funamo server returns error. code: 400 - message: Device was not found - 213416
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is it possible that you are using a different email for the license? if you activated the app on the phone you should log in online to see the device and confirm it's listed there.

-Techno Mike
The email I use on my mobile phone is the same as the one I use to log in to the site
written 8 months ago by André Parizi  
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ok do you see your device on the site when you log in?
No. I do not see my device on the site.  
I will come with some action to get my money back, because I did not get the necessary support from the FUNAMO team.  
I would not want to give up using the app because I really liked it, but I do not see any other alternative
written 7 months ago by André Parizi  
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