How does the external potential plugin work

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I have been working with the ExternalPotential plugin. I couldn't find the model equations for this plugin in the manuals. After going through the source code, I came to the conclusion that this could be the underlying model equation,
  $\Delta H_{force}=\lambda\sum_{pixels}\left(\vec{i'}-\vec{i}\right)$ΔHƒ orce=λpixels(i'i)   for the pixelbased calculations and   $\Delta H=\lambda\left(\vec{i_{com}'}+\vec{i_{com}}\right)$ΔH=λ(icom'+icom) for the center of mass based calculations.

Is my understanding correct? What changes should I make to the equations? Why is the center of mass based equation additive in terms of energy?

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Yes, your understanding is close to being correct. For the COM based algorithm it computes a displacement vector that would result if the pixel copy is accepted and takes a scalar product of this vector with the vector whose components in the in XML are  specified using:
<ExternalPotentialParameters CellType="NonCondensing" x="-10" y="0" z="0"/>​

   For pixel based algorithm we use similar logic except the first vector (displacement) is specified as a vector difference  between target pixel and source pixel. The mechanism of the plugin, though, remains the same
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