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Hi there ,

I have searched for ODE solvers in FEniCS and found that GOSS can do it. But i am unable to find any documentation or demo on solution of ODEs through fenics.

Can any one kindly suggest how can i start with ODE solver in fenics. Rather how to solve ODE in FEniCS.

My over all aim is to write code for a PDE-ODE solver.

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Check out this master's thesis, maybe it helps.
written 6 months ago by klunkean  

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Have consulted this already but the manual at the end only mentions how to solve PDEs i mean there is not method mentioned explicitly to solve ODEs . thanks any way.

However if i could find any documentation or demo  on 'goss' than that would be very helping. I am trying understand how 'goss' has been used for cbcbeat where a pde ode system has been solved but that entire code spans over very complicated classes spread in 8-9 parts. I have also explored the bitbucket repo of 'goss' but there is no documentation available there as well. Please do indicate if you come across any documentation or demo on goss. Or any other sort of solver with some mention on 'how' to use it.
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