How to evaluate an expression on an internal boundary?

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Suppose I have a mesh with internal boundary which facets are marked with a MeshFunction. What is the syntax for evaluating an expression on these facets?

From the physical perspective I have some E-field distribution in a simulation with different dielectics. I want to calculate the Maxwell's stress tensor and the force acting on these boundaries that exists at the discontinuities of the dielectric permittivity.

My not ideal ideas are:
1. Extract a SubMesh and then the BoundaryMesh from the sumbesh and define a function on that BoundaryMesh but this seems rather convoluted and I do not know how to go back to the original mesh for further calculations and plotting.

2. I could extract the vertices from the marked facets and manipulate them separately, but then I loose the abstraction of FEniCS Function which would be convenient for further processing.

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Did you finally succeed in calculating the Maxwell's stress tensor in your E-field model?
I am very interested in also calculating the stress tensor but have problems with the notation in fenics.
I would greatly appreciate if you could give a simple example, maybe related to the poisson-tutorials?!
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Maybe try a DG approach? Here or here might give you places to start.
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