My initial test, I carefully chose some apps to block and it blocked all my apps. Everything brings up a sign in page, which also pops up every few seconds even just .looking at the screen.

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By default, Funamo does not block any app. So please check your settings to see why that's happening. If it is really blocking EVERY app, you probably added the launcher app which is used to open any app to the protected app list. Another possibility I can think of is Force GPS feature. If you enable it and you turn off GPS, Funamo will start block apps until you turn GPS back on.

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Thanks. What was happening was when google search app is blocked, the funamo block screen (logon window) is triggered often without trying to use google search. Its a bit of a glitch but probably because of the whoole Notes system is constantly uldating so the software keep blocking it. Teenprotect does the same thing.

However your excellent solution to block access to safe search is beautiful. It makes it unnecessary to block the google app. Well done.

I am having trouble with the admin protection though. I made sure it was set up but I was still able to deactivate and could have easiy uninstalled. I could just block settings, but would rather use the feature that is in place. Any advice?

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