Funamo is unable to detect and see some newly installed apps

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Hello Funamo!

I am user of this service and have some questions. First, why there is option for auto add to protected list all new installed apps, but no for auto add new apps to time limit list, which is more useful because children are very clever and fast learn how to cheat protection!

Second question is that funamo is unable to detect and see some newly installed apps ( in my case it is War Robots)  and therefore doesn't able to limit them!

Thanks in advance!

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The app quarantine feature allows parents to review the app before the user can use it. If it is completely inappropriate, you want to block it completely or uninstall it. Because we don't know the type of app the user will install, so to be safe, we block them. After your review, you can move it to time-limited app list if that's what you want.

When you install other apps, please make sure Funamo is running. Funamo would not be able to capture the new app if it is not running.

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