I can still see inappropriate sites, even though I cleared the history and cache. Help!

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I just bought the app and it's not even working.  I cleared the browser history and cache.  I can still pull up inappropriate sites.  What's wrong??

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Please make sure

1. Funamo protection is turned on. Open Funamo on your device, login and click "Start Funamo" to enable Funamo protection. When Funamo protection is on, you should see a dark-blue F logo on the notification bar at the top of your device. If you pull it down, you should see "Funamo protection is on".

2. Please make sure that you are using Funamo Safe Browser to browse the web rather than the default browser that came with your device. Make sure that you enable "Block other browsers" option under Account settings. Here is the link to the instructions with a video tutorial on how to setup Funamo.


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