Funamo Browser not blocking anything

15 months ago by

- I turned on Funamo and block others browser also web filter but unfortunately Funamo Browser not blocking Porn websites even the blacklisted! 

- Also I tried to reinstall Funamo and browser with no result


Mobile model Alcatel Pop 4 plus

3 Answers

15 months ago by

It is hard to tell why it does not work for your specific device. We do not have this specific device model so we cannot test it ourselves. Maybe other users have the same device can chime in with their experience.

14 months ago by

Moto X; not blocking blacklisted sites for me either

13 months ago by
My son is also able to browse porn on Funamo browser with all the protection on. He uses Xiaomi redmi 4a. Filteting porn was one of the main reasons whyi bought Funamo today and it is not doing the job
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