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The internet can still be accessed by messaging a link to yourself even though Google is blacklisted and disabled. So basically even when the Google app is doesn'tt open because funamo blocks it all you have to do to get to the internet is send yourself a message with a link to and your in. Anything that is searched doesn't show up in the funamo history, thus no accountability. Is there any way to fix this on a Samsung S7?

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Are you using some special messaging app? In the normal messaging app, Android system will try to open a web link using one of the browsers you installed. Since you block all browsers other than Funamo browser, you can only open the link with Funamo browser.

If it can open other browsers, please make sure other browsers are blocked by Funamo. If the message app open the link inside the app, please consider using a more standard messaging app that does not have built-in browser.

Question..  I have blocked all browsers.. disabled chrome and Samsung internet. But when I click a link in a message it tries to open internet browser and get prompted with funamo logon...  how can I get it to open in funamo browser directly  
written 8 months ago by Maarten Meeder 
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This is an issue with other blockers(mdms) as well. All browsers can be removed from phone with mdm rules and the android messaging app will open any link within messages. To get around this the mesaging app needs to be blocked and load a different messaging app ( android messages)
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