Project a piece-wise constant from quadrilateral to triangle mesh

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Hi FEniCS community,

I am trying to project a piece-wise constant from quadrilateral to triangle mesh as shown below 
from dolfin import *
import time
import os
import numpy as np
from scipy.stats import truncnorm

meshq =UnitSquareMesh.create( 32, 32, CellType.Type_quadrilateral)
mesh = UnitSquareMesh(32, 32)

PM = FunctionSpace(mesh, 'DG', 0)
KM = TensorFunctionSpace(mesh, "DG", 0)

PMq = FunctionSpace(meshq, 'DG', 0)
KMq = TensorFunctionSpace(meshq, "DG", 0)

porq = Function(PMq)

def get_truncated_normal(mean=0, sd=1, low=0, upp=10):
    return truncnorm(\
        (low - mean) / sd, (upp - mean) / sd, loc=mean, scale=sd)

por_mu = 0.3
por_sigma = 0.1
X = get_truncated_normal(mean=por_mu, sd=np.sqrt(por_sigma), low=0.0, upp=0.45)
porq.vector()[:] = X.rvs(len(porq.vector()))

por = project(porq,PM)


xdmpor = XDMFFile(mesh.mpi_comm(), "porosity.xdmf")
xdmporq = XDMFFile(mesh.mpi_comm(), "porosity.xdmf")

por.rename("por", "porosity")
porq.rename("porq", "porosityq")


However, this error shows up 

*** Error:   Unable to intersect cell and point.
*** Reason:  Intersection is only implemented for simplex meshes.
*** Where:   This error was encountered inside Cell.cpp.
*** Process: 0

How can I fix this issue?



Community: FEniCS Project

1 Answer

22 hours ago by
This functionality is currently not supported. It would require geometric primitive operations between simplices and quadrilateral meshes to be implemented in DOLFIN.
Thank you very much!
written 22 hours ago by Teeratorn Kadeethum  
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