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Hi there

I have been running Funamo for a couple of years or so on 3 devices, so know my way round the app.  The other day, I noticed my son playing Minecraft long after his 'allowance' had run out.  Funamo was running fine, but I could not see Minecraft in the list of apps for both the Time Allowance and Time Restrictions.  All the other apps were there.

I saw a previous post suggesting that Funamo needs to be running in order for a new app to be recognised.  Not entirely sure about that, however in this case, Minecraft has been on his device for a long time.  I guess it is possible that an update to Minecraft happened whilst Funamo was off, but it would only have been switched off rather that not present at all.

How can I get Minecraft back on the list (if doesn't appear in ANY list in Funamo) without uninstalling and reinstalling the app?  I don't want to lose the data.

FYI, he is running a Samsung S3.


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If you really don't want to uninstlall and reinstall Minecraft, you can also unregister your device and set it up again. It will populate the apps again. Open Funamo app and go to Account settings. Click Unregister device option to remove all Funamo data. Then open Funamo app again and follow the instructions to setup Funamo again. 

Please note that all your Funamo settings will be lost so you will need to configure the settings again.

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