(Deleted) Bypass funamo or any other privacy stealer app for all versions on android ! (For children)

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Hi friends (children,teens!) download iRoot from internet ,install it then your phone will automatic root, download lucky patcher and install it , then from it freeze funamo (or any other privacy stealer app!) 

now all limits & locks will delete ,if your parents want check your phone, easy and fast re-enbale funamo from lucky patcher <3 <3 !! [Trick : make a folder with "School" name and install some school apps and put "iRoot" & "Lucky patcher" and your school apps there !] gl .

Islamic republic of iran, Hahaha !

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Solve way idea (by me, for funamo) : make a way to block installing apk but allow google play! or a warning for rooted device to un-root.

2.0 years ago by

I hope it is that easy. :-)

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