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How does one create an run a script to automatically log you into DCS from Rocket Bluezone?  When a password changes, what steps are necessary to update this process?
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Creating a DCS Log-in Script:

1)      Hit the record button at the top of your DCS tool – note this may not be available if you have an older version of DCS.

2)      The system will prompt you for a save location and should default to My Documents --> BlueZone --> Scripts. Name the file and save as a .bbs file type.

     Log into DCS following your usual path and then hit the stop button.

      Once you have stopped the recorder go to Script --> Edit… --> Your Saved File

5)      This will return the code created to automated your log-in. However, this automation does not retain your passwords. Replace any line like “bzhao.TypePassword” with bzhao.SendKey “YOUR PASSWORD HERE”.

6)      Once you have made these changes, save the file.
7)      Next go to Script --> Properties

8)      In Properties, navigate to ‘Script’ and browse for your saved .bbs file under the ‘Auto-Play Script on Connect:’ section. Make sure to mark the check box: ‘Auto-Play Script on Connect’.  Click OK.

9)      Test your script by pressing the Disconnect, Connect button. If set-up properly this will automatically log you in.

Changing Your Password In Your Log-in Script:

A)      When a password change is required, navigate back to Script --> Properties (as shown in steps 7-8 above), un-check ‘Auto-Play Script on Connect:’. Hit OK.
B)      Log into DCS manually and change your password.
C)      Once you have completed this, navigate back to Script --> Edit (as shown in step 4) and update the old password to the new one.

D)      Save your changes.
E)      Navigate back to Script --> Properties (as shown in steps 7-8 above) and re-check ‘Auto-Play Script on Connect:’. Hit OK.
F)     Test your script (as shown in step 9 above.)

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