How to enforce multi-point constraints?

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Dear all:

I need to enforce linear constraints between degrees of freedom, what would be the best way to do so?

Thanks a lot,

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I spent significant time getting this to work. And my implementation was not pretty, nor user friendly. It got lost in a fork of dolfin here. The key points are:

Ensure you don't eliminate rows/cols, so you can preserve the block size.
Assemble P^T A P directly in the assembly, the projection operation does not scale.
written 3 months ago by Nate  
Support for this in on the fenics-x roadmap. As Nate says, he did it in DOLFIN but it was very awkward.
written 3 months ago by Garth Wells  
Thanks both for your insights.
written 3 months ago by Martin Genet  
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