Unable to export PIF file from CellDraw corresponding to Potts generation

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I am using CellDraw to generate a PIF file. After drawing the configuration when I export the PIF file using Potts generation the CellDraw interface goes to non-responding mode.

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What operating system are you using; Windows, Linux, MacOS...?
I am using Windows 10.
written 11 weeks ago by Ravit Anand 
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Check this previous answer;
and this page

Basically, CellDraw is getting old and may not run correctly in the newest releases. If the links above don't help, or if it is really too much work, we have a tool that can convert any bitmap image into a pif file. So make your layout in a drawing program (object oriented programs work better than do programs like MS Paint), save the file as a bitmap (bmp, other file formats work also such as png) and we'll convert it for you. Or, if you prefer we can send you the python code (2.7) to do the conversion.
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