(Deleted) Eigenvalue-Solving on manually created meshes

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I want to create a symmetric mesh of the Koch-Snowflake (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koch_snowflake) and compute eigenvalues on that domain. Using generate_mesh with the boundary points works, but the mesh I'm getting is not symmetric. Then I tried using MeshEditor or writing the .xml file manually (both with overlapping sub-triangles) and without, but when I try to solve the problem with SLEPcEigenSolver, the eigenfunctions I get are rubbish.

Can I use mesh.refine() in this situation? Should I add cells in a way that minimizes their number by having almost no overlapping edges? How can I create a usable, symmetric mesh (essentially the whole domain just consists of equilateral triangles)?

Mesh and eigenfunction using generate_mesh:

Mesh and eigenfunction generated manually:

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