Funamo repeatedly asks user to login during unrestricted device time.

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I recently set up Funamo on a new device after using it for 16 months on a different phone. Current device is a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus. I have minimal keyword blacklisting set as well as device control set for sleep and school hours, with texts, phone calculator and Fitbit apps unrestricted. 

During unrestricted hours when device control is off, funamo repeatedly asks my son to login and won't let him use anything until I log in with username and PW. The phone is not usable when funamo protection is started. What do I need to change to fix it?


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Could you please take a look at this answer to see if it addresses the problem you are seeing?

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No, it did not. I reviewed this and most other relevant Q&A on this forum before posting. Currently, I've paid for the program and it's turned off because it asks for a login every time my son tries to do anything during unrestricted time. E.G. - YouTube is blocked during school hours, but is unrestricted after 3 p.m. He was trying to watch a video around 7 pm and continued to get a login screen. This happens with every app that is under device control. But, any app that is unchecked, and therefore not included in device control (messaging, phone, calculator, Fitbit) are accessible as configured.

We may have to check your settings on the device. Please send us a private email with your account information (email used for your Funamo account) and the device name. We will check the settings to see why this is happening.

written 20 months ago by Funamo Support 
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