(Deleted) What are the different ways to gain reputation?

18 months ago by

Is there a danger of creating a caste system with this feature?

written 18 months ago by John Donahue  

Could you clarify what you mean by caste system?

written 18 months ago by Chadwick  

I guess I just don't understand the need for trying to separate the wheat from the chaff on this site.  The group of users will be relatively small and I believe anyone who provides an answer to a question will only do so after being certain of its accuracy.  If this was a more public forum where there's a real possibility of getting oddball and useless answers, then a weeding out system would be necessary.  Our first goal should simply be getting people to use this forum without them thinking about being rated on a scorecard.


written 18 months ago by John Donahue  

Interestingly, I can't find any FAQ or Help for the general AllAnswered site that answers this question.

written 18 months ago by William Rummler  
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