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I was hoping you could help with a few questions..  if I protect an app on the mobile device in Funamo app, can the app still be uninstalled/deleted on the mobile device itself?  also, my email address is defaulted on the funamo mobile app, I've tried clearing the cookies on my phone, but it still seams to auto fill. Is there a way to remove my email address from auto filling on the Funamo mobile app?



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When you protect an app, the user cannot open it but it can still be uninstalled. To prevent it from being uninstalled, you may add Settings and Google Play to the protected app list so the user cannot access the uninstall feature. But some device models also have shortcut to uninstall an app. Funamo cannot prevent those shortcuts. 

The email is always auto filled to make it easier for user to login on small mobile devices. Currently there is no way to clear it. 

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