Funamo protection is stoped after turning battery saving mode off and on

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Funamo protection is stoped after turning battery saving mode off and on. After that funamo can be unistalled. Is there a way to stop that ?

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Some vendor use very aggressive power saving mode to save battery life. In this case, please add Settings in protected app list so the user cannot turn power saving mode on or off.

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Settings are already in protected app list and it doesn't help as battery saving mode is turned on from drop down menu from which you can't remove anything and which can't be blocked aswell. If there is no solution for this problem please refund as software becomes completely useless.

Could you please let us know the device model? 

written 18 months ago by Funamo Support 
I have same issue. I am using S6 Edge with the latest upgrade
written 15 months ago by Freakwhency 
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My children all have Lenovo P2 phones and after months of them managing to disable Funamo within seconds of me activating it, I have discovered the problem.

The P2 has a physical switch on the side of the phone which puts the phone into low power mode and switches off all non essential apps, including Funamo. In this mode you can't do much more than phone and text, but when you switch it back to normal power mode Funamo doesn't start up again and the phone is unprotected.

How can I make Funamo automatically restart and take control when the phone is taken out of low power mode?
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