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I'm using a Kindle Fire. I downloaded the Funamo safe Browser, funamo parental control and the ES File Explorer app per the instructions on I was able to set up Funamo and tested it as a web browser but am unable to get it to show up as an app within Kindle FreeTime. This means that it's in the parental user home screen where the silk browser (which has no limits) is also available. I need to get it moved to the apps section of the free time section of the kindle fire.

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Funamo is not designed to work with Freetime because it comes with its own app control which is more powerful than what Freetime allows. So instead of using the time limit feature in Freetime, please use the app control features such as protected app, time-limited app and daily allowance app. Because Funamo is not downloaded from Amazon app store, it does not show up in Freetime.

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