Identifying project containing specific files

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Over the last few years I have used Wing to create a number of applications but have not been good in documenting them or using meaningful project names.
Generally I have saved project files in one directory.
I use both Python 2 & 3.

Is there any way I can identify the project which contains a specific file (eg ?

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You can use a search tool of some type to search through the *.wpr and *.wpu files.  They are in a textual name=value format.  On Linux or OS X, for example: "grep *.wpr"

However, note that you may have just added the directory containing the file (or some parent/grand-parent/etc directory so it may not be listed in the *.wpr).  In that case, searching the *.wpu may turn up something since that will store editor state and other things for the file if it was ever opened in that project.
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