Login failed on one device

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Login failed on one of my devices.

I have three devices and suddely login falied on one of them. I know the password and username is right  because I log in just fine on one of the other devices.
I can't push anything to the device either, since we're on vacation in Thailand and far away from any saved network. This happened when I tried to connect to the hotel internet and tried to log in to settings. When this didn't work I tried to log in to funamo to shut it down when register the new network, but login failed.

My daughter is not pleased so I hope someone has some suggestions.

She claims to not trying to log in her self.

I can only suggest that you double check spelling of the email and the password. If it works on other devices, it should work on this device too.

written 2.2 years ago by Funamo Support 

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I've checked the spelling several times, and on my sons pad I can log right in with no problems. Of course I can wait until we are in reach of a network thats allready working I try to sync from my account to see if thats helping. It's just strage that it suddenly stopped recognize my password. We are on this hotel and I first logged in to settings to activate the network, and when I tried to log in to the standard webbrowser to open the loginpage it was not possible. Now I cant log in to anything related to Funamo. I've originally locked all browsers but funamo, so baybe this has something to to with it? But the automatic loginpage for the network directed me to the original browser.

On my sons pad it directed me to the Funamo browser. Maybe there is somthing wrong there?

Which browser to open depends on which browser you have selected to be the default. If you can still access Settings, you can clear default and select Funamo browser as the default when prompted to choose a browser.

written 2.2 years ago by Funamo Support 
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I now kind of solved the problem.
It turned out that a login page was open on one of the restricted apps, and as soon as I closed it I could log in again. But not every time? I will persue the problem further to see if something else causes the problem, but funamo should give me a message like "more than one login open", and not that e-mail or password is wrong.

Thanks for the update and glad that you got it working. Funamo does not show multiple login page. It only blocks the app that is on the foreground of the device if that app should be blocked. If you can find steps that you can consistently reproduce the issue, please contact us and we will investigate it further.

written 2.2 years ago by Funamo Support 
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