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Hello, my wife has funamo accountability, FA, installed (and bought licence) on my phone and I use chrome mobile for surfing while routing through the funamo proxy server. She mainly uses the black list  and keyword blocking search functions.

This arrangement used to work except for the odd occasions when I get a connection timed out or proxy connection error due to the app shutting down by itself. Nothing a quick tap to restart the Funamo app wouldn't solve.

However, I found that recently (a month or so ago) I am totally unable to surf on Chrome even if the FA app is on. I no longer receive proxy connection error messages but only time-out errors. Whatsapp is still working, gmail is working, airbnb is working, google play is working (even allowing me to update apps over mobile data!), FB messenger is working but even though facebook is receiving alerts, I can't open a single profile page (connection lost!!).

All these problems go away once I am on the home wifi though. My wife says she hasn't made any setting changes beyond the black lists and we have no idea what may be causing the problem. Please advise!

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If the issue only happens on mobile data, not on WiFi, and you are using advanced mode with proxy settings, it looks like the proxy settings for mobile network might have been changed. So please double check the proxy settings in APN and make sure the correct APN is selected.

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