I deleted a device on the funamo settings web page and now i cant login on my device, how do i put my device back on as i paid for a licence for the same device

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Your license will not disappear when you remove a device or change emails to your account. Please send us a private email with your account information so we can check what might be the issue.

But now you don't answer email.  I repurchased a license because I thought that I had to when I reinstalled and I can't get money back from PayPal.  
written 3 months ago by Ellen B Berkowitz 
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am hoping i am not going to be ripped off !!!!!! as i paid for a licence and it shouldnt disappear because I deleted a device...I was doing it because i was trying to change the email address so i could have an account for my son to keep him accountable and one for me so my friend could keep me accountable!!!


The licence applies to the device. If you reinstall Funamo on the same device, it should work.
written 3 months ago by Winston  
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Hello. Soon I will have to switch the licence from a device to another, because my daughter damaged her mobile and I have to buy another one. What do I have to do in order to mantain current licence?
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