Dual Role: Scrum Master and Product Owner

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What should be my approach to effectively play the dual role of Scrum master and Product Owner?
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Scrum has three roles having clearly defined responsibilities.
PO represent customer and sets the vision, goals and priorities with team. PO works with team in every sprint, accepting work as its completed.
Team decide what can be done in sprint and gives commitment and organize themselves to deliver the functionality needed.
The ScrumMaster guards the team and its process, keeping an eye out for Scrum smells and removing impediments to productivity.

When the Scrum Master acts as Product Owner, it’s easy to miss out on a coherent vision for the team, resulting in the delivery of low-value work. This can happen when the Scrum Master, lacking customer access or a true vision for the product, simply stacks the backlog with the items they find most interesting or familiar.

When the Product Owner acts as a Scrum Master we usually see the less tangible pieces of the scrum process slowly start to wane. Retrospectives are often the first casualty, as their outcomes can (incorrectly) seem less relevant to a busy Product Owner.

Both Scrum Master and Product Owner, for the most part, are full-time jobs. When the same person attempts to fill both roles disaster almost always ensues. Identify a team member who’s up for Scrummaster role. Freeing the Product Owner to focus entirely on product ownership, while allowing a completely different individual to focus on the scrum process, helps restore balance and better serves the end result.

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