Where Can I Get Full Instructions to Set Up Funamo?

7 months ago by
I have been using Funamo on my children's phones for a number of years, and although the software is great, I have always struggled to find full set up instructions.

The Funamo.com website gives a basic guide to setting it up, but under the 'Applications' tab and the 'Settings' tab there are lots of tick box options with very little explanation as to what they do.  I have searched through the AllAnswered pages and found a bit more detail on the "Allowance applies to all apps" tick box, but I can't find any explanation of what "Time Limited Apps" or "App Daily Time Allowance" does, for example.

Surely an FAQ page or a help file which describes all the options and their functions fully would be useful somewhere?  Maybe it already exists and I can't find it - can anyone tell me please?

Thank you
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