project properties are not persisting

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I've googled round a little but alas to no avail. The problem I'm having is that when I set a custom python executable or add paths to the path list in project properties it does not get reloaded when the project is re-opened.

- The project.wpr file remains untouched
- The project.wpu file is updated but the updates are not laoded back into the ide.

Any thoughts on where I might look?

Community: Wing Python IDE
Is this Wing Pro or Wing Personal?  If Wing Personal, it may be that it writes to the *.wpu if you've opened a shared project created by Wing Pro but then does not read from the *.wpu because Wing Personal doesn't support shared project files.  It should really complain in this case, if this is the problem.  If that's not it, the ide.log file in the Settings Directory listed in Wing's About box may show what is failing.  You can send that to if you want us to look at it.
written 4 months ago by Wingware Support  
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