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I am not very computer literate. These boards are sort of a nightmare for someone like me. Any help would be appreciated.Situation:I just started the trial period. I went through the set-up wizard for Everquest. I set it up for five accounts.My main problem is the broadcasting issue. I am not quite sure how this works in conjunction with key-mapping or combat/non-combat situations. I have been able to figure out how to auto-follow and assist by making hot-buttons and putting them into slot 9 and 0 on all toons. Neat but is a problem .I also have macros on the '1' button across the toons (I was running 5 instances on a single computer windowed before this...I would highlight hit 1, highlight hit 1 etc. to fight) and so I can now target with my main, hit 9 and hit 1 from my main window and my team fights.I am sure I am not using the tool the way it was intended. However, my real problem is that at any time I hit 1 through = on my main, everyone acts. I do not know how to turn some of these off situationally or if that is the solution.

Please help.

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