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Whilst ShareSoc has already managed to generate considerable publicity concerning the problems the Beaufort case exposes, we would like to do more.

To attract press interest, we need case studies describing how individuals would have been affected by PwC's original proposals (i.e. a £100m cost and a potential 40% haircut for larger accounts).

If you would have suffered under these proposals, and/or are suffering as a result of being unable to access your Beaufort account, and you would be prepared to speak about your circumstances to the press, please get in touch with me at mark.bentley@sharesoc.org Rest assured that I will not pass your details on without your explicit consent.

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Not really sure Mark i just hold shares in a so called ring fenced Nominee account i would have received approx £150 in dividends after March POLYPIPE .DS SMITH and a couple of others seem's these have now been paid into a PWC Pooled account ,i do wonder about the legality of what PWC are doing they have basically hijacked our holdings.yet the man i spoke too at Beaufort seemed to know what he was talking about (who knows) said our shareholdings were ring fenced and would be transferred to a new broker in the next 2 months .who do you believe ?
written 11 weeks ago by ron marshall  

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