why can't i open wingware?please help me!

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when i open the wingware, the soft running show "creating window", then it shut down;after that, i open the soft by console__wing.exe, it show follwo message:
Instance manager: Trying instance on port ****
Instance manager: Socket error connecting to port***
Fill is true but expannd is false in pack
Memory Error

2 Answers

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The failure was due to corrupted files.  Deleting the Wing settings directory fixed the problem.
Do you mean delete my project user file? like *.wpu file? I'm a little confused at the Wing settings directory, Can you tell me  more details, Thanks!
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Before anyone can tell you the answer to that question I'm afraid you will have to provide a more legible way for us to look at the evidence. Those graphics aren't readable, at least on my screen.

As a general rule it's usually better to copy-and-paste the text rather than using a graphic when detailed textual information is the subject.

I'm sorry for that, it's my first post, i don't know this, thank you! i will change that.
written 11 weeks ago by 1358506147 
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