In a twisted pair cable, the wires are in pairs and something of BOGB is referred. What does this BOGB in reference to the cable represent?

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Blue, Orange, Green, Black
Black, Orange, Green, Brown
Blue, Orange, Green, Brown
Brown, Orange, Green, Black

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Blue, Orange, Green, Brown. In a twisted pair cable these are the colors of the cables that are present.

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In a twisted pair cable, the wires are referred to BOGB due to the fact that the colors on the cable are blue, orange, green, brown. There are two standard to twisted pair cabling- T568A (A) and T568B (B). The wire paired are 8 wires grouped into four twisted pairs.

T568A (A) T568B (B)
Blue Blue
Green Orange
Orange Green
Brown Brown
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Below are some examples of the color coding on the cable. If you'd like to learn more about the color coding of cables, refer to this 

[HERE] Colour Coding for Twisted Pair Cables




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