How do I get hold of the hotel confirmation PDF that was sent to the hotel for a particular booking

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OK So if we're asked to get hold of a hotel confirmation PDF for a Booking, here's how you do it

You'll need the Booking Id

- Logon to production AWS

- Locate the Booking in the travel.pbPersistence table

- Get hold of the "confirmedDateTime" so we know when the email will have been sent

- query the wire.wire DynamoDB table for the "confirmedDateTime", i.e. if "confirmedDateTime" is "2017-04-20T09:47:33.944+0000" you should query the wire.wire.creationDate for "20170420" and then you want to add a filter to the wire.wire table as well of subject = "Instructions for xxxxxx" where xxxxxx is the "channelReference" from the travel.pbPersistence table.

- you'll then get 1 record returned which is the email in question.

- Then you need to grab the "attachmentIds" String element

- Use this to lookup a record in the S3 bucket "wire-production-attachments" you can then download the PDF document

When I tried it the subject string was "Payment instructions for a booking made via (ref: xxxxxx)"
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Remember that hotel instructions are not sent for Premier Inn:

// Hotel Instructions should always be sent unless booked via PTI
sendHotelInstructions = !hotelSubproduct.getChannelCode().equals(;

Also, at the moment the subject of emails is not 'instructions for xxxxxxx' where xxxxxx is the "channelReference" from the travel.pbPersistence table. At the moment we have things like 'Payment instructions for a booking made via LateRooms', with no reference of the channelReference. We should add the channel reference back into the subject I think.
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