How to pin specific posts to the top of the list?

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I would like to put some questions always at the top of my community. Is it possible?

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A community administrator/moderator can pin specific post to the top. It is useful when you try to feature specific posts to community members.

To pin a post, go to the post that you would like to feature. If you are a community administrator/moderator, you will see a pin icon next to the post title as shown below -

 Click it to pin the post and it will turn to orange color after it is pinned to the top.

And now it will show up at the top of the list on your community page. If you pin multiple posts, the order is based on when the post is pinned. The most recent will appear first.



Is pinning restricted only to "Team edition"?
I'm using a "Public edition" and cannot pin posts.
written 7 months ago by AlQuemist 
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