Simulate Poisson equation: What is the appropriate boundary condition that does not effect the diffusion of the solution outside the simulation domain?

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I am looking for an appropriate boundary condition that does not effect the solution when it is close to the boundary. As you know, the either the Dirichlet BC or Neumann BC affect the value as set precise value or add flux in or out.

If you have any idea, please let me know.
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I don't think you can include a boundary condition that does not affect the domain, rather, you can have a problem that does not get affected much by the boundary condition. You do so by decreasing the diffusion coefficient a lot in the vicinity of the boundary, compared to the value in the rest of the domain.
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For wave equations there are some absorbing boundary conditions (PML, Gaussian taper, etc) used for this purpose. I don't know if for Poisson/Diffusion equations exist something similar, but maybe a fast search of "absorbing boundary conditions (or artificial boundary conditions) for diffusion equation" can give you more information
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Thank you all. I found an interesting discussion about this problem.


The paper mentioned in the discussion is Griffiths 1997 - THE ‘NO BOUNDARY CONDITION’ OUTFLOW BOUNDARY CONDITION.
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