Lab Exercises EDA 3.h.

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The question is:
Remove any suspect observations that you found in the previous question and recompute the mean, minimum, maximum and standard deviation of the speed of light without these suspect observations.
Store the modified DataFrame under the name df_light_2.
Hint: You are encouraged to add new markdown and code cells as needed between the marker lines.

I would like to make a table of df_light_2, but the error I get is "Labels [5 9] not contained in axis."

How can I solve this error?

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The idea here is to remove the specific records from the data frame. So for example if you want to remove records 1 and 2 you can use Python's drop function like this:
df_light.drop([1, 2]) # removes record 1 and 2 from dataframe df_light​
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