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Hi all,

I cannot seem to set the meshing parameters correctly for this simple problem. If I run the code below, mesh1 and mesh2 are identical. Does anyone know how to fix this, so that different input parameters affect the mesh-generation?

PS - I need to use CGAL as the meshing back-end.

Many thanks in advance,
from dolfin import *
from mshr import *
from fenics import *

domain=Box(Point(-1,1,-1), Point(1,-1,1))

gen = CSGCGALMeshGenerator3D()
gen.parameters["facet_angle"] = 30.0

# Parameter set 1:
gen.parameters["facet_size"] = 0.5
gen.parameters["edge_size"] = 0.5

mesh1 = gen.generate(CSGCGALDomain3D(domain))
f1 =  File("mesh1.pvd")
f1 << mesh1

# Parameter set 2:
gen.parameters["facet_size"] = 1.0
gen.parameters["edge_size"] = 1.0

mesh2 = gen.generate(CSGCGALDomain3D(domain))
f2 =  File("mesh2.pvd")
f2 << mesh2​
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I tried with only one mesh, commenting out gen.parameters lines:
it gives same results. Parameters settings seems not to be taken into account.
No solution from my side.
written 5 months ago by marchand  
Perhaps this is a bug in mshr or dolfin. Thanks for testing
written 5 months ago by Adam Connolly  
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