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How should I determine if for the given project's need to suit which Agile methodology amongst: Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban?
What parameters should be used to come to the conclusion?
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Scrum works well for large projects, because work is organized in sprints (usually 1-4 weeks) which are planned by all scrum team members.

Kanban is focused on continuous delivery of completed work or part of work. Kanban doesn’t impose strict constraints, process is more flexible. Therefore it fits best for support, maintenance teams or continuous product manufacturing.

Scrumban uses mixed techniques of both methodologies. It combines basic features of Scrum and flexibility of Kanban. Scrumban uses planning on demand principle to fill the backlog and tasks are assigned only by the pull system like in Kanban.This method is mostly used for fast-paced process like startups or projects which require continuous product manufacturing, where the environment is dynamic.

One should understand the basic principles of all of them in order to find the best solution for their own specific needs. Agile methodologies will always benefit when they are applied in the right way.
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If your project is ticket based and there is no fixed priority for the tasks, then you can use Kanban Agile methodology.

If your project is having fixed tasks and timeline for the devliery, and project is new then you can go for Srum Agile methodology.

If your project is under maintenance, changes are more and they are unexpected, then you can go for Srumban Agile methodology.
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Scrum: Scrum can be used if the project is having good amount of backlog and work is more planned and have less interruptions during execution of sprints.

Kanban: Kanban can be used for projects where work is done on task basis and frequent / unscheduled releases are done.

Scrumban: Scrumban use be used for projects where at least 60-70% work can be planned and rest can be task based work.
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