conda fenics ipython does not work

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I installed like this

conda create -n fenics -c conda-forge fenics mshr ipython matplotlib scipy
source activate fenics

If I start ipython and do “from dolfin import *”, it says module does not exist.

With python it works. But I need ipython since I also want to use notebook. Anybody knows a solution for this ?
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Hi Praveen,

It's likely that you already have a copy of IPython installed somewhere on your computer, and this is not linked to the Anaconda Python environment you're working in. If you type 'which ipython', it should tell you the location that it's running IPython from.

Anaconda creates a directory, which is normally ~/anaconda3 in which it keeps all of the things it installs. Within that, you have a folder called envs for each environment.

You can likely fix the issue by just typing 'conda install ipython' after doing 'source activate fenics'.
I think my ipython is correct
$ source activate fenics
(fenics) $ which ipython

'conda install ipython'  is wrong way to install I think, since it installs from conda instead of conda-forge. Since fenics is installed from conda-forge, all stuff in this environment must be from conda-forge. See this
written 10 months ago by Praveen C  
It was my own mistake. I had aliased ipython to some other version, so it was running the wrong ipython. Sorry for wasting your time.
written 10 months ago by Praveen C  
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