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Hello everyone

I am new to fenics.
I am trying to run below code in unbuntu 16.04. but there is several error. but i can not  fix them
Please see the File attached:
File attached: simulation of an (4.67 KB)
File attached: mesh.xml (221.55 KB)

you can find the more details about the code in the book: Computational Reality

Thank you very much for your help

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Hi there,

web site:

includes a supply file called Abali 2016 Supply code for Computational Reality for this book and within the zip file there is a pdf file called Errata. Typos as well as the compatibility issues with the newest version of FEniCS can be found in this Errata. You can also contact me per e-mail such that I send you the pdf directly.

Best, Emek
Thank you so much for your help.

This book is very good. It is very useful to me.

but I am new to fenics and paraview. Then, I have some questions.

Can I ask you more questions?

I believe that we can cooperate in future if you agree

Thank you again for your help.
written 4 months ago by wasngzhihai  
Thanks for your kind words. Please ask without asking for permission.
written 4 months ago by Emek  
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