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I was looking to adapt meshes in parallel and found an old question (2014) :

The answer suggested that adapt does not work in parallel and linked to an issue on bitbucket, but the link is broken.

What is the current status of adapt? Would it work in parallel? Are there any additional requirements to make it work?

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I am trying to do adapt in parallel. Is there any information on whether it works in parallel ? I am doing
mesh_new = adapt(mesh, markers)
V = adapt(V, mesh_new) # function space
u = adapt(u, mesh_new) # function belonging to V

but this does not seem to be enough as I get different behaviour in parallel compared to serial case. Do we have to do some more after adapting a Function object ?

written 9 months ago by Praveen C  
you probably need to adapt the problem as well.
problem = problem.child()​
written 9 months ago by Lukas O.  
I am not using any problem formulation. I define my own forms and use solve.
written 9 months ago by Praveen C  
Then you need to adapt the forms (if you look to the source code, this is basically what happens if you adapt(problem))
written 9 months ago by Lukas O.  
I already redefine the forms after adapting. Still I get wrong solution.
written 9 months ago by Praveen C  
Could you give us a MWE?
written 9 months ago by Lukas O.  

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Hi Vivek, I know nothing of the status of the AMR "adapt" system inside FEniCS (DOLFIN) itself, but it may interest you to know of the existence of the Omega_h library I developed, which implements a more general approach to adaptation and has an interface to DOLFIN (FEniCS). Although I haven't tested this, it should interface efficiently in parallel. This is very different from the adapt system in FEniCS, and may not be appropriate for cycling multigrid for example, but just letting you know this exists.
Thanks. I will try it.
written 11 months ago by Vivek Kumar  
Any plans to use the python interface with dolfin?
written 9 months ago by Miguel  
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