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Is it possible to specify a different port when configuring a remote host? I.e. I am connecting to the remote host through a tunnel which is configured to a specific port (not 22) on the localhost.




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I tried to work around this problem by forwarding port 22 on my computer to the remote computer (actually to the proxy between my computer and the remote computer I am trying to connect to). I am able to connect to the remote computer without a password as follows:

> ssh localhost

But when I probe the remote host through wingide I get the following message:


Connecting to host id remote failed. Please check your configuration. Output received:

Created meta importer
(' Added dir', '/home/amit/wingide6.0/bin/dbg/src/debug')
(' Added dir', '/home/amit/wingide6.0/src/debug')
(' Added dir', '/home/amit/wingide6.0/bin/dbg/src/wingbase')
(' Added dir', '/home/amit/wingide6.0/src/wingbase')
WARNING: Using pure Python statops, which will be slower
SSH client exited errno=0


I am using the latest wingide Pro on both computers.



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You can set up the port to use for connecting to a remote host by adding the port to your ~/.ssh/config file like this:

        port 50000

Then when Wing runs ssh that configuration is used.

I'm not sure why forwarding port 22 as you did failed... it seemed to have connected and run the remote agent (the second to last message came from it), but it's possible something is getting confused by the forwarding.


BTW, the docs page for this is http://wingware.com/doc/proj/ssh-setup-details

written 13 months ago by Wingware Support  
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