How do you apply a Driving Safety course certificate discount to a quote?

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The customer has provided the agent a certificate stating they've completed defensive driving to get a 10% discount on their insurance.

Whenever the quote is being created there isn't a field to enter a discount. Where would the agent add this discount?
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Tim Hu  
All uploaded documents are reviewed by Manila.

A good thing to do is keep track of an uploaded doc and check that it gets reviewed after upload within 10 business days.

Only Optimum has the safe driver discount that is on the Coverage tab of submission

for the MVAP, There is a checkbox called Accident Prev. Course, Date under each driver

Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course Discount: A discount applies when the principal operator
meets the following requirements:
A. Principal operator is 55 years of age or older and has completed an approved Motor Vehicle
Accident prevention course; and
B. *Proof of successful completion of course accompanies application (if certificate is sent at a later
date, the discount will be allowed only on the next renewal date).
03/10/2015 04/17/2015
Date Received: Date Of Action:
Windhaven Insurance Company - Icon Program
12 Windhaven Icon - Effective 3/6/2015
* Certificate of Qualification must be issued by an organization that has been approved by the
Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Certification makes the insured
eligible to receive this discount for three full years. The discount will not be applied midterm if the
insured reaches age 55 and completes the course; the discount will be applied on next renewal.
As a condition of maintaining the discount, the operator shall not be involved in an accident for
which the operator is at fault, and not be convicted, plead guilty or nollo contendere to a moving
traffic violation
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I am aware of the ability to upload documents in the activity tab, but does that notify someone in Windhaven to check the document for potential discounts or do they have to declare it in some way?
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