Is there a screen scraper for codes categories (CDI/CDL) in DCS?

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Is there a screen scraper for codes categories(CDI/CDL) in DCS?  The category I am looking for isn't in Postgres.
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You can use the screen scraper in DCS Automation under the Codes Category (CDL) tool. In the top left you will need to put in your category code and then hit 'Read' to scrape DCS. You can then export this to Excel.

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There is a screen scraper for CDL/CDI in DCS Auto under the MDM grouping. You can select from the dropdown or enter a code that is not in the list.

Running the "read" option will simply go out to CDI, scrape all records and display them in the grid.

To load data you will need to have access to the desired code in CDL. If you have the code in CDL you can either paste in a list or use the "read" option to get all the records for that category. If you use the "read" option to pull in data from CDI you will need to run the "verify only" before loading to verify that the data passes any validation rules. If you paste data in the "pass" box is checked by default and the program assumes you have already validated the data.

Once your data is validated you need to check desired rows or use the "check all" option to select all rows. Once you have the desired rows selected, hit "Load" to begin the work in DCS.
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