Analysis Terminates with AVTS error message in output window

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I have been processing PavementME projects with level 3 dynamic modulus inputs up until today.  We have completed AMPT dynamic modulus testing for all lifts on one of our projects and I input the resulting data into the PavementME project as level 1 inputs.  When I went to run the project it immediately terminates with this output text:

“Error running modulus.exe.Could not find file 'C:\Users\Casey.B.Nash\Documents\MTEX\PavementME\Thomaston 17890.00 InPlaceAV_V2.5\avts.tmp'”

1 Answer

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The design has three AC layers, with Level 1 data for dynamic modulus for all three. For the binder inputs (G* and delta), all three layers have only one data point at 147.2 F. The A-VTS function requires at least two data points to be able to fit a straight line and calculate the A and VTS parameters. When I run the file, the Output window shows me an error message related to this issue – cannot find avts.tmp.
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