MixedElement on different meshes/submeshes?

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Dear members of the community,

is this feature still not available? A MNWE is as follows
mesh  = UnitSquareMesh(2,2)
bmesh = BoundaryMesh(mesh, "exterior")

RT1 = FiniteElement("RT", mesh.ufl_cell(), 1)
R0  = FiniteElement("R", mesh.ufl_cell(), 0)

LM  = FiniteElement("CG", bmesh.ufl_cell(), 1) 

# Mixed space (which fails)
Hh = FunctionSpace(mesh,MixedElement([RT1,R0,LM]))​

Thank you.


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This recent question https://www.allanswered.com/post/ggjla/coupled-pdes-on-domains-with-different-dimensions/ might have a couple of links (disclaimer: one of them is mine). The development version dolfinx will also probably address this issue in the next future.
written 4 months ago by Francesco Ballarin  
Thank you Francesco.
written 4 months ago by Ever Ardo RB  
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