Extracting individual solution vectors from mixed space

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I'm trying to extract the solution vector from a mixed space. I can get the total vector with sol.vector(), but not the individual components. Is it possible somehow to extract the individual solution vectors? Or can one be sure that they are stored sequentially in sol?

E0 = FiniteElement("P", mesh.ufl_cell(), 1)
E1 = FiniteElement("P", mesh.ufl_cell(), 2)
V = FunctionSpace(mesh, MixedElement([E1, E0]))
sol = Function(V)

# ...

u, u2 = sol.split()
u_h = u.vector().get_local()
# u_h = u.vector().array()
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1 Answer

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You have to perform a deepcopy in order to access the DOFs of the subspaces:
u, u2 = sol.split(deepcopy=True)
u_h = u.vector().get_local()​

Keep in mind that the resulting vector u_h loses its connection to sol.

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