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How do you search Postgres for functions that reference specific fields or tables?
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You can use this function I created to search for a string inside of any function:

select * from search_functions_for('your search text here')​
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The Search Objects feature can be used to search Postgres.  The search has the option to filter by Type (Table, Function, Column, ect) and by Schema.  The result set includes the object type, name, and path.  Clicking on the result will open the selected object in Postgres.

The Search Objects feature can be accessed by Clicking Ctrl-G, selecting Search Objects... under the Edit menu, or by right clicking on an object in the object browser and selecting Search Objects.

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There is a view in the util schema called "all_functions" that has the names and definitions for each function:

select *
from util.all_functions
where function_text like '%insert into dcs.inventory_summary%'​
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