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What are the different order types in DCS (ie 1-7, 5-5) and their meanings?

How do they relate to the sales_order_header, sales_order_line, invoice_header, invoice_line, product_transfer_header and product_transfer_order tables?
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The order type code tells the user what kind of order is being reviewed. Please see below for a quick break down of each one and it's meaning.

0-0: This order type is for rollout orders prior to releasing to a type 1-1. Once the order's future date has been applied this order will become a 1-1, at no charge with a roll-out code
1-1: Sales order
4-1: Sales order that came off of back-order
1-8: Bill only
1-9: Legacy LATAM 8I orders. Utilized as a consolidated order to allow for one invoice
4-9: Back-order version of 1-9
1-7: Transfer order
4-7: Transfer order that came off of back-order
1-D: Delayed billing order (parts bank)
4-D: Delayed billing order (parts bank) that came off of back-order
2-2: Quote order prior to being approved - changes to a type 3-3 once it has been approved by pricing
3-3: Approved quote order
4-3: Quote order that came off of back-order
5-R: Return order
5-5: Credit
6-6: Debit

The below tables will include the above order types. The first number is referenced as the sales_order_type_cde field, the second is the transfer_order_type_cde field.

Includes all open orders, regardless of type, until the order invoices. Once an order invoices it will fall to the invoice or transfer tables based on order type.
sales_order_header: Open orders that have not pushed to invoice.  
sales_order_line: Line level detail for the sales_order_header.

Invoice tables include all order types that do not have a transfer_order_type_cde of 7 or  D.
invoice_header: Orders move from the sales_order_header to the invoice_header once invoicing has completed.
invoice_line: Line level detail for the invoice_header

Includes only orders that have a transfer_order_type_cde of 7 or D.
product_transfer_header: Transfer orders that have invoiced (type 1-7 and 4-7)
product_transfer_order: Line level detail for the product_transfer_header
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